Admission Criteria to APNC Examinations

Eligibility for Admission to examination

  1. She/he has attended 75% of the formal instructions given on each subject and 80% of the clinical field experience in each area/subject separately during the academic year. However, the total clinical/field experience prescribed must be completed before the result and the issue of diploma/degree certificate. The Principal concern must intimate the council, (if any) such candidates not completed the 100% clinical experiences for withholding their of the result till she completes and certified by Principal. This applies to all the cases irrespective of the nature of the absence.
  2. The overall performance of the student and her/his conduct during the entire academic year is satisfactory.
  3. The student has passed in the internal assessment in each subject and practical(s).
  4. The record of practical experience is complete.

Scheme of Examination

  1. There shall have one regular (annual) examination followed by supplementary examination in a year.
  2. A candidate fail in one or more than two subjects will be promoted to next year class, however they will be allowed to sit in annual exam subject to the condition that they clear all backlog papers within 6 months in supplementary examination
  3. Supplementary Examination shall be held in every 6 months that is in the month of February and August for failed subject(s).
  4. No candidate will be permitted to appear 2nd/3rd year examination unless he/she clears the previous backlog subjects.
  5. Internship examination shall be conducted by concerned institute according to their convenience but their results shall be declared only after APNC final examination.
  6. A candidate can take any number of attempts subject to the condition that maximum period allowed to pass/qualify the course is as prescribed by INC i.e. 6 years for GNM and 4 years for ANM.
  7. Minimum pass marks should be 50 % in each of the Theory and Practical paper separately.
  8. Minimum pass marks shall be 40 % for English only
  9. Theory and Practical examinations for Introduction to Computer to be conducted as school exam and marks be sent to the SNRC for inclusion in the mark sheet (GNM only).
  10. A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper.
  11. If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper he/she has to re- appear only in failed papers

Disciplinary Action for use of unfair means during examination

  1. Disciplinary action shall be in the form of grading as under:
    1. 1st attempt - Grade A (warning).
    2. 2nd attempt - Grade B (deduction of 5 marks from total score).
    3. 3rd attempt - Grade C (deduction of 10 marks from total score).
    4. 4th attempt & above - Grade D (deduction of 15 marks from total score).
  2. Both the Invigilator and Centre i/c should signed on the answer script after putting the grade.